Founder of 80’s synth-focused reissue label Minimal Wave and the more recent synth label Cititrax, Veronica Vasicka returns to the Sound Room for another unforgettable affair. Keenly tuned into the sounds of the underground, both past and present, Vasicka has amassed a dizzying collection of hidden gems that fall somewhere between the Cold Wave, Post-Punk, Industrial and Synth-pop. As with every tiem she plays out, the veteran DJ will weave an inebriating narrative built on her lush collecion of tracks. To open the night, we’ve invited fellow genre-agnostic, Mark Knekelhuis, the Amsterdam-based DJ who runs a wide-spanning label by his name [Knekelhuis]. Attracted to off-centre and weirdo groves, Knekelhuis promises to set the night off with a delirious selection of shape-shifting sounds.