Pique-nique presents a big band reinterpretation of Herbie Hancock’s landmark 1973 album, Head Hunters, on its 50th anniversary—celebrating its enduring legacy on the world of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and Black American Music.

This event is part of Pique-nique’s signature deep-listening night, Take Two, and will feature an uninterrupted, high-quality playback of the album, followed by a modern-day reinterpretation by world-class musicians, connecting the dots between record culture and live music culture.

Known as a pioneer of jazz up until this point, Head Hunters was Hancock’s first foray into a more powerful sound inspired by James Brown and Sly & the Family Stone. This is Herbie Hancock’s take on a pure funk record.

Sly5thAve and Jesse Fischer will evolve a 100-year-old tradition codified by Ellington to reimagine this jazz-funk masterpiece for a modern big band. Backed by a brilliant cast of 16 musicians, this bold and futuristic rework is destined to get Public Records’ dancefloor shaking.