Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice share a boundless collaborative synergy. The pair have been working together for years across many projects, groups, and configurations. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that Lynn & Cole released their first proper duo collaboration, To Live & Die in Space & Time (Moon Glyph Records), which Pitchfork glowingly called “as gentle as cherry blossoms on a spring breeze.” Their collaborations are filled with hypnotizing soundscapes of piano, synthesizers, tenor sax, wind synths and electronics, and their music explores otherworldly ambience that straddles acoustic and digital spaces, evoking an uncanny world both strange and familiar; a world of sounds that is elegant, transportive and vast, like being wrapped in a blanket of stars.

While the duo initially met and began working together while living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they now work together from a distance, with Lynn living in New York City and Cole in Oakland, California. Lynn & Cole have lent each other helping hands on their respective solo works (Avery’s Iceblink and Pulice’s Scry, both on Moon Glyph Records), as well as in an electroacoustic improvised music trio with Mitch Stahlmann called Signal Quest (Orange Milk Records), who have a new album coming out in 2023.

More Eaze is the project of composer/multi-instrumentalist mari maurice. her work touches upon myriad genres and often explores themes of gender, intimacy, identity, perception, and the mundane. her compositions have been widely released on a number of international labels including orange milk, mondoj, ecstatic, leaving records, and lillerne tapes among others. as a performer, maurice regularly collaborates with artists such as claire rousay, amulets, seth graham, brin, dntel, christina carter, and more.