LOSCIL is the electronic music project of Canadian composer and multimedia artist Scott Morgan. For over 20 years, Morgan has built a robust catalogue of work under the LOSCIL moniker, loosely spanning the genres of ambient, classical and electroacoustic music. Alongside numerous albums released on the esteemed American label, Kranky, Morgan has also produced special projects, remixes and collaborations with other musicians including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Murcof/Vanessa Wagner, bvdub, Sarah Neufeld, Daniel Bejar, Rachel Grimes and Lawrence English.

Morgan’s music can be found supporting film, television, theatre and contemporary dance productions including notable work with choreographersDamien Jalet from Belgium and Vanessa Goodman from Vancouver. Morganhas also created bespoke music for games and interactive multimedia projects includingHundreds, Osmos, Lifelike and his own generative music application ADRIFT released in 2015.As a touring entity, Morgan has brought his live audio-visual performances to festivals worldwide such as Mutek, Le Guess Who, LEV, Gamma Fest, SledIsland, Today’s Art, WOS, Open Frame and Big Ears.

loscil (Scott Morgan) and Lawrence English present a live AV edition of their collaborative album Colours of Air (kranky, 2023). Drawing from the rich palette of pipe organ sounds sourced for the album, the duo process, rearrange, remix and supplement with live, adaptive visuals bringing new perspectives to their recorded work.United by a shared interest in the provocative promise of harmony and pulse, and the unyielding aspiration of brutalist architectural forms, loscil (Scott Morgan) and Lawrence English’s Colours Of Air for kranky is their first joint offering. Drawing the entirety of the album’s sound materials from a century old pipe organ, the recordings draw on a methodology that isequal parts devolution and iteration. Working to extract the full breath of the organ, and through doing so honour the intensely rich sources that the instrument produces, Morgan and English’s approaches transform the instrument’s pipes and mechanics. This reframing of the instrument reveals a refracted perspective that celebrates the dynamic and timbral capacities of the organ.The results are undulating, saturated and porous, creating a sense of the pieces open ever outward, inviting audiences to become consumed within an ever exhaling breath of sound.

“The album is lush and oblique—an approachable standout in two daunting catalogs.” -Pitchfork

“…the best moments of this album beautifully evoke what I would imagine light filtering through stained glass would sound like if I had been blessed with synesthesia.” -Brainwashed