We caught up with Derek Duncan of Pacific Rhythm, who we heard through the grapevine was a bit of a wine connoisseur, and asked him for some hand selected wine pairings of tracks from the label with bottles from The Restaurant. Dive into his selections below:

Field Recordings ‘SKINS’ [2020]
[Orange, Central coast, California]
Tasting Notes: Apricot, haitian orange, persimmon, marzipan and peach.
“Pairs perfectly with ‘Unknown Mobile feat CFCF – Oenology‘. Ease into this fruit forward gem and remind yourself that life is something special.”

Les Vins Pirouettes ‘Le Pét-Nat d’Eric’ [2020]
[White Sparkling, Alsace, FR]

Tasting Notes: Floral nose, tart citrus, zesty mouth, toasty finish.
“Something to sip on while getting lost in the depth of ‘Active Surplus – Meera‘. Always remember to stop and smell the flowers.”

Frau Erhard Natürlich [2018]
[Reisling, DE]
Tasting Notes: Tangy green plum flavor, puckering lime acidity, earthen finish.
“Slinky and sweet but never overwhelming and as balanced as a trapeze. Throw on ‘Jesse Futerman feat Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Luckey‘ and touch your toes.”

Weingut Schlossmühlenhof ‘Pinke Pinke’ [2020]
[Rose, Rheinhessen, DE]

Tasting Notes: Floral and zesty, punchy citrus, strawberries and peach, brisk acidity, lingering finish
“Complex, winding, and memorable. Swirl your glass and put on ‘Digital Rain Systems – Driftaway‘.”

Roberto Henriquez, A La Mar [2018]
[Red, Itata Valley, CL]

Tasting Notes: Dry, dark red fruit, briny, blue stone, granite.
“Things are getting a bit heavier but there’s still some sun poking through. A perfect time to put on ‘Emissive – Love Perception‘.”