Berlin’s musical polymath Perera Elsewhere makes a much-awaited return to the US on Feb 17th in the Sound Room. Serving up rhythmic dexterity and an expansive sonic warmth that will heat up the coldest of winter months, few artists embody the shapeshifting yet rooted approach to music more than her. Before she touches down, Boo Lean spent some time getting to know her inner mind.

Boo Lean: Hi Sasha! We’re really excited that you’re coming to the States – it’s a rare chance for folks to experience your ear and the energy you bring to your sets. Last time you played here was in 2018 for Boiler Room I believe. You’ve done so much traveling as an artist — physically and sonically — weaving together lots of different references. Let’s get to know the many sides of you with a moodboard before the show. Can’t wait.

BL: Perera Elsewhere the Producer vs. Perera Elsewhere the DJ

Perera Elsewhere: Producing music is like making a sculpture, DJing is digging for and liking other people’s music enough to buy it and play it out and communicate it to others , which is really cute in itself. 

BL: Fav overplayed track vs. underplayed in your rotation …

PE: Overplayed 


BL: Home/local music and art influences vs. away/global …

PE: Local

JA meets BLN ….


I’m totally into understanding the movement of people/ migration and how music travels as a result… 

BL: Most underrated piece of gear in your setup vs. the most overrated

PE: The leap motion sensor with which you can trigger sounds you programme with hand movements in the air, it looks somewhat esoteric… is it underrated and overrated at the same time? 

Or the Monotron Delay smallest synth in the world, sounds amazing … but super dangerous on huge soundsystem so mine stays at home… is that underrated or overrated LOL 

BL: What you see with have your eyes open while playing music vs. with your eyes closed

PE: Sometimes  steps/ a staircase,  when i am playing/ improvising the trumpet…. Where I am at melodically graphically shows up in mind, like a computer game almost.

BL: Something that never leaves your home vs. you never leave home without

PE: This corner of my apartment… made for chilling, sunbathing or moongazing…

BL: And just cause… if you were reincarnated as a piece of club decor it would be …

PE: An ashtray i guess….  I mean Berlin is just one big ashtray. 

Perera Elsewhere’s latest album HOME is out on Friends of Friends. 

Buy your tickets for February 17th here