On Sunday, October 16th, EYIBRA, NNUX, and Media Queer come together in the Sound Room for a transcendental evening of introspective electronic explorations. Ahead of their night, we asked them to do one of our 3×3 features, dive in below…

EYIBRA to Media Queer: Why the name? Would love to know more about the meaning behind that!

Heavy Rotation: “Atopos” by Bjork

Media Queer to NNUX: Has your source for inspiration changed from when you were living in NYC to now living in CDMX? Do you notice this ‘shift of home’ revealing itself more in your sonic or visual work?

Darian and Phong, I really love that question. It definitely feels very different to be back in CDMX. Being back home has allowed me to take care of myself more and to think more about the importance of connection and the ways of finding meaning through that. I think that has been huge for me. I realized that in my 5 years in the US I became very career-focused, which was cool and brought some very great lessons and experiences, but that was also something that made me feel detached from important connections. I didn’t think much about the importance of community, family or personal growth when it was not related to professional goals. I realized I was making music from a place of stress and everything was very goal-oriented. Now I’m excited to find out what my music sounds like coming from this place of deeper connection.

NNUX to EYIBRA: Do you think something has changed in you after the experience we just had in the performance art piece we just premiered in LA? What are the ways in which you see that piece informing your work from now on?

YES – I see a return to performance, to creating work that is much more conceptual and has a deeper meaning under the layers and in its gestures.

Heavy Rotation: “Intangible” – RSNNC