By now, you should understand how I’m curating these residency nights, but I’ll reiterate.

My choice of guest reveals people who have paved the DJ path for me with their encouragement, their talent, or the way the inspiration flows off of them. The DJs I chose challenge me to go deeper into the music and all that comes with it in terms of networking, community-building, and how to survive in the DJ lane without losing ya mind or yourself!

Vicki Powell, is the godmother of the Southern US Dance music scene for me. She runs two long standing events, one is Sunday Service which takes place at a bar literally called Church in Atlanta and the other is a collective and mix series as well, called Deep South. Both are important touchstones for so many music-heads and members of the LGBTQ+ family.  The roster of resident DJs (Ash Lauryn, Brian Rojas, & Alexis Curshé) for Deep South proves that Vicki is someone who nurtures talent from a genuine place of love, connection and the very human need to foster community.

“I want our parties to feel like family,” she said in an Atlanta magazine feature from 2021!

It must be said, Vicki absolutely SLAYS on the decks. It is a masterclass of old-school progressive house meets disco meets classic house meets early techno and so much more. If you listen and allow yourself to revel in her energy, you’ll learn something, whether it’s about yourself, or Vicki Powell, or the emotive power of the music!

Dee Diggs, (yes that’s me writing), is on her way back home from another month in Europe touring around the festivals and clubs on the schedule in honor of the new single, Toss It, out on Toucan Sound. I spin the web around the world that I am always happy and eager to bring my vinyl and usb crates back to the Sound Room at Public Records because I hear details in these sounds I love and collect that I don’t hear anywhere else.

That appreciation and reverence for good sound and a good time for all is the intention infused into this night. My first NYC gig since July 2023 will find me receiving the warmth and excitement of a homecoming, and in return, you get my best, the realness, spontaneity, and sonic passion of an NYC Nightlife Diva returned to the source of my funky.

Plug me into the place that knows me the best and magic is guaranteed!

Come early and stay late for a night of rapturous dance.

We gather to tune in, not tune out, so share space accordingly.

Bring a good vibe and extended it on, and you’ll leave inspired!