The Barcelona-based Medellín-born DJ and producer Verraco, with releases on TraTra Trax and Tresor, has quickly made a name for his unique interpretation and the spectrum of music from which he pulls and the lens through which he casts it. Taking his native home and its cultural hurdles as a driving force for musical introspection, he explores everything from ambient, IDM and drone, to electro, techno and drum & bass from a vantage few offer. Keeping his ear close to the dancefloor, Verraco knows when to lay back with a more obviously hypnotic set and when to drive hard into the rave headlights; tonight in the Sound Room we have a feeling we’re going full speed ahead. Setting the stage for the evening is LA producer and multi-disciplinary artist, Stella Ahn aka Amazondotcom. An unequally unabashed sonic explorer, Ahn voraciously devours genres, weaving elements of bass, trance, discordant club, and beyond in deliciously disorienting patterns.