An intimate evening w/ Underground System, one of the most lauded original bands to come out of NYC in recent memory. Seamlessly fusing elements of post-punk, downtown disco, electronic, and afrobeat into a kaleidoscopic multi-lingual dance explosion, they are keepers of an increasingly rarified NY live dance music flame, and their live show is the stuff of legends.

Whether in recorded form, selecting records, or on stage at one of their acclaimed live shows, they are a group that is happiest at play, as Rolling Stone put it, “making exuberant dance music that blooms out into countless directions”.

Following ‘22-23’s ‘Looking In’ and ‘Into the Fire’ EP releases on Razor-N-Tape (along with comprising key members of the ‘A Joyful Noise’ band here at Public Records), Underground System has been on a hiatus from NY shows as they formulate new music. That ends 6/15 in the Sound Room. Expect a celebration of a new single, a new setlist dotted with unreleased gems, and endlessly kinetic dance music acrobatics at this bespoke, no frills, in the round performance.

Pique-nique DJs will be spinning on the night, the duo behind the frequent re-interpretive jazz event Take Two.