A dark and seductive cloud descends on the Sound Room tonight with the sounds of brooding techno, deconstructed club, and chaotic industrial filling the air. Opening the evening with some heavy bass and demonic percussives suited to the underworld is CMDX-based, Chilean producer and DJ Tomás Urquieta. An affiliate of Infinite Machine, the CMDX- based label founded on hardcore mantras that has established itself as a force in the industry for its brutalistic club stylings, Urquieta’s productions are not for the faint at heart. Headlining the night is Discwoman co-founder, Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Umfang. Inspired by early Detroit techno and acid house and the club genres of Brooklyn, she favors a raw and abstract sound that feels sparse but kinetic and earned favor from labels like Ninja Tune, 1080p, videogamemusic and Phinery. Like her productions, her sets are dynamic escapes into the deep of the underground.