In May, Public Records will open the doors to its latest venture, an outdoor event space located directly adjacent to our current Garden space, simply named The Nursery. For our first season open, our music programming team has curated an eclectic series of Sunday parties that spans genres and perfectly encapsulates all that we are and where we aim to go. From May 28th to October 8th, every single Sunday we will present these diverse and exciting lineups in the Nursery.

The summer heat will have reached its fever pitch and we’ve got a scorching trifecta of DJs to spar with the heavy temps. San Francisco’s Sinéad, who hosts a fem-focused party series there and has various radio residencies, carries an effervescent energy as she flits around sun-drenched melodies and punchy rhythms. Joyously jumping from street soul and 90s house, to shuffling UK Garage, DnB and breakbeat records, she lights dancefloors with charming delight. Coming in from Mexico, is an equally vibrant, spitfire of a DJ/producer Paurro. Over nearly a decade, she has played in some of the most important club cities in the world, sharing sets that deliriously swim through intoxicating waters of acid house, disco, breakbeat, bass and more. Closing us out, will be Toronto’s Ciel, a DJ and Producer known equally for her technical finesse and omnivorous tastes at the fringe of cutting-edge club as she is for her single-minded resolve to bettering her adopted home of Toronto. She has been instrumental in the resurgence of breaks on dancefloors, with a pyrotechnic style that twists between bleep ‘n bass, electro, rave, junglist rinse-outs, barrelling techno and even the occasional outing of OG trance.