Over the summer Public Records proudly presented the audio work of Mo Yasin, the Virginia-born Brooklyn-based DJ , sound-system designer, and event producer whose practices explore the connection between form and function in audio hardware and design.

Looking to the traditions of Jamaican and UK sound system culture for inspiration, Yasin examines and uplifts the cultural narrative embedded in the musical history of the Black diaspora in his designs and productions. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Yasin channeled his creative energies into a sound system collaboration with a friend: a fully horn-loaded four-way speaker single stack that we celebrated in a series of events in our garden over the summer. Now, with a second stack fully built and with updated horns and drivers, we thought it was time to hear it all in stereo. Two Sundays. Two Stacks. Two parties. All under our ATRIUM at Public Records from 2-9pm.