Followed by more than 250,000 fans around the world, their music and videos streamed & viewed by millions, Telula’s shared love of funk is evident in their music. They take inspiration from greats such as Stevie Wonder and modern masters like Vulfpeck, while incorporating their own pop and jazz influences with contemporary twists. Their music is soulful and dynamic, featuring intricate melodies backed by funky rhythms.

Telula formed when Lucas Aney and Thomas Jensen met in college in 2021 and found common ground in a passion for funk music. They built the band and learned how to record, produce, and release music – all out of their dorm. Their work paid off with the 9-song album “333”, each track showcasing their unique sound and individual proficiency on bass and guitar.

Telula released “333” at the age of 19 and the 5-song EP “Fade” a year later in 2023. Headline and support shows followed, and in 2024 the band is playing major festivals and venues around the Northeast US. Joining Thomas and Lucas to bring the sound to life on stage are Tais Torres on vocals, Lars Asmundsson on drums, Conor Smith on sax,  and Pete Rosales on keys.