Pique-nique Recordings presents Take Two, an immersive deep-listening night consisting of two elements: an uninterrupted, high-quality playback of a seminal album, followed by a modern-day reinterpretation by world-class musicians.

This edition features Angel Bat Dawid, a Black American composer, clarinetist, pianist, vocalist, producer, educator & DJ from Chicago, who will present a performance inspired by Nas’ 2008 album Untitled (originally titled N*****).

An oft-forgotten album, “Untitled” deconstructed race, politics, and media in a way that foresaw an ugly future of bigotry and hate—one that developed in the United States in the years after its release.

Angel will be joined by genre-bending musical guests: Nelson Bandela, Clérida Eltimé (Standing On The Corner), Gio Escobar (Standing On The Corner), and Tcheser Holmes (Irreversible Entanglements). This improvised performance will remind us that the past is still present while the future is full of radical hope.