~ Tonight it’s goin down in all the right ways ~

We have three incredible artists lined up for this function who embody SMP’s triple threat philosophy to a T, and are ready to serve with pleasure:




Snag your tix, tell a friend to tell a friend, and then get down to the real business of picking your fit for the party.

Don’t accept anything less than real passion and perfection from your nightlife experience, New York!


DJ Delish’s importance in the Ballroom community in her homebase of Philly, and worldwide cannot be overstated. Her original productions go crazy – stop reading this immediately and check her bandcamp if you’re not already hip. As a DJ, her sets are a joy to experience at any party she graces with her presence. Known for her quick fire selections, authoritative mixing, and creative blends full of humor, fun and infectious energy – you can catch her throwing shapes behind the booth, as well as on the dancefloor. Hurl your expectations out the window and come ready to hear a wide range of genres from this celebrated conductress – hip hop, house, ballroom/vogue, drum n bass and more.

4AM NYC – founder of SMP and giver of zero fucks, they’re thrilled to be back at PR alongside the likes of Delish and Miss Varsha tonight – ready to sling their collection of rare and fierce records left right n center. Lovers and haters alike will confirm the unique and transformative nature of their DJ sets: drama, high emotional content, direct storytelling – purpose, romance, luxury. House, techno, acid, nu jack swing, rnb, jazz fusion… deep, sexy, moody af, and always with a velvet finish. Satisfaction guaranteed!

VARSHA is one in a million. A loving and radiant part of the house and ballroom communities both here in NYC and in the Bay Area, her talents as a DJ continue to grow from those strong physical foundations. Her selections always have the dancefloor in mind – inherently infused with the groove to make ya move. Over the past year especially, she has played countless underground parties and sessions across both coasts, serving up memorable sets that leave even the most discerning of dancers with a shimmerin sweat and gasping for more.