Spectral is a live music series exploring performances from artists who’s works question the categorization of music. Having their own resonance, rhythm and frequencies, often made with customized instruments, musicians continue to enhance our aural vocabulary and musical experience.

Gábor Lázár is an electronic music producer and sound artist working with forms of abstract rhythmic patterns and textural elements, arranging them into repetitive, serial structures to explore our perceptual and cultural relation to electronic dance music. He uses self-developed software to create such compositions and to perform live involving computer controlled stage lights that allow the listener to have a full-body perceptual experience.

Kamran Sadeghi is an Iranian born American musician, composer, record producer and interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Sadeghi’s diverse body of work can be attributed to his use of sound as a sculptural material.  An alchemist who is guided by thematic research, controlled experimentation and intuition while working with synthesis, acoustics, sound, light and video recording / processing technology.