Opening up the night is Brooklyn’s Yumi, an upstart in the local scene who recently tore the SR roof down with a tubthumping, bootylicious set alongside Amelia Holt for their In Your Dirty Ears residency. Her sets are slow builds of riddims and thrills, heftily chugging from 90 to 140 bpm with addictive determination. Following, Paris-based Mika Oki steps up to the plate. With a background in sculpture and electro-acoustic music, she is masterful in her ability to construct coherent sets built upon dnb, UK garage, grime, 2-step, juke, techno, ambient and more. Digging deep, her selects are never the expected, favoring the more obscure, weirdo elements and tracks of these genres, resulting in mixes that are daring in their blends and surprising in their movements. To close out is Special Guest DJ, one of many monikers of the Kansas-born Berlin-based artist known to friends simply as Shy. An ill-fitting name perhaps, as Special Guest is no shirking wallflower, but a charismatic force in the club scene [he curates labels xpq?, alongside D. Tiffany, and Experiences LTD] and behind the decks, where he wildly darts between textural club, big room breaks and wobbling bass. His sets make the very earth under your feet rumble.