Opening up the night is Brooklyn’s Yumi, an upstart in the local scene who recently tore the SR roof down with a tubthumping, bootylicious set alongside Amelia Holt for their In Your Dirty Ears residency. Her sets are slow builds of riddims and thrills, heftily chugging from 90 to 140 bpm with addictive determination. Following Yumi is Special Guest DJ, one of many monikers of the Kansas-born Berlin-based artist known to friends simply as Shy. An ill-fitting name perhaps, as Special Guest is no shirking wallflower, but a charismatic force in the club scene [he curates labels xpq?, alongside D. Tiffany, and Experiences LTD] and behind the decks, where he wildly darts between textural club, big room breaks and wobbling bass. His sets make the very earth under your feet rumble. Headlining the night is RP Boo, the Chicago-based electronic musician, producer and DJ cited as one of the originators of Footwork. A repetitive, rhythmically syncopated music & dance style that’s a grandchild of Chicago house, footwork has grown exponentially in popularity over the past decade, in large part due to Boo’s extensive groundwork and his many releases on Planet Mu. Dynamic and unpredictable, the style of DJing employed by Boo has been know to bring crowds to a full fever pitch and we expect nothing less for his debut in the Sound Room.