.PR Resident and one of our favorite crate diggers, Shawn Dub, is back for the first 2023 edition of his night Sol Follow and he’s got a doozy in store. Joining Dub for this edition, is a renaissance man, a legend in the music world and beyond, and dealer of positive NRG, the one and only Charlie Dark. The London-based multi hyphenate – he is a runner, musician, DJ, youth leader, teacher, speaker and poet – is a member of seminal Mo’ Wax avant garde jazz band Attica Blues and founder of Run Dem Crew, a non-traditional club Dark founder to act as a community building catalyst and a place to provide mentorship to London’s youth. The pride and energy Dark puts into RDC, which has grown far beyond its running club roots, is seen too in his unabashedly euphoric sets that seem he joyously spins through the deepest jazz, soul, funk, and house cuts.