PR Curator in Residence Shirine Saad presents another addition of her series Hiya Live Sessions, a festival amplifying the radical feminist voices of the SWANA region and beyond. For this evening, she’s invited transdisciplinary creator Ganavya, whose voice has been produced by Quincy Jones, has hit #1 in jazz charts, and has been featured on multiple Grammy award-winning works. Ganavya brings forth an inherited age-old storytelling and pilgrimage tradition, and uses it to turn the poetry of her friend and critically acclaimed author Fariha Róisín’s poetry into song. The band, featuring Rajna Swaminathan (piano), Fabi Reyna (guitar) and Sunny Jain (drums) will be joined by many special guests. Opening the night will be Shirine with an experimental DJ set. Ushka, the Sri Lankan-born, Thailand-raised, Brooklyn-based deejay will close the night with an abstract exploration of blended deconstructed beats from the region and beyond.