On August 26th, label-head and DJ/producer Sepehr brings those sounds into The Sound Room. Originally from the Bay Area, Sepehr has lit up dancefloors around the globe with his intrepid sets that move effortlessly from experimental electronic, trippy house and looping acid, beguiling dancefloorees to hypnotic effect. Headlining the night is fellow SF’r Lara Sarkissian and co-founder of CLUB CHAI. Though she has not released on Shaytoon, her approach to making music – mixing global subgenres while paying homage to her Armenian roots – aligns with the ethos of Shaytoon. Non-Western percussion provide the heartbeats to Sarkissian’s ferocious explorations through UKG, dubstep, footwork, bass and more; energy moves directly from her fingertips to the soles of your feet.