This fall Remix ⟷ Culture is premiering a new series of collaborations between traditional musicians, remix artists, and DJs rooted in the SWANA (South West Asia and North Africa) region. For our first installment of the “Tanfis” series at Public Records, we will present a 3-hour audio-visual journey seamlessly blending acoustic trance with electronic dance, drawing the audience into a cathartic release. Leading this journey are a collective of critically acclaimed performing artists from Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and the US: Marwan Allam (bass), and Nezih Antakli (percussion), Layale Chaker (violin), The Brooklyn Nomads’ Hadi and Mo Eldebek (oud, bouzouk, percussion, voice), Eren Erdoğan (zurna, kaval, duduk), Remix ⟷ Culture’s HAT (live video remixing), John Murchison (qanun), Haza’s Myyuh (DJ and live remixing), and Disco Tehran’s Mani Nilchiani (setar, voice, electronics).     
The series explores the theme of “Tanfis,” which is understood in Arabic as the journey of the nafs (self/soul) from a place of stuckness towards liberation, from the holding of breath to the exhalation. In English, tanfis can be translated as “catharsis.” The notion of tanfis invites us to meet the crises of our time with transcendent revelry. To lean into our imaginations. To create together, locally, globally, and in solidarity.

This event is co-sponsored by Delight Factory and Brooklyn Maqam.