To close out PRIDE weekend, we bring together two artists who playfully engage a kaleidoscopic spectrum of sounds, serving to highlight the rich history of the queer club underground club and duly beyond. Opening our night is the Amsterdam-based Mary Lake, an artist for whom unbridled eclecticism if her source of expression. With signature style of frenetic yet inviting sets, Lake tends to serve up a mixed plate of unorthodox techno, electro and left-field electronics, creating a energy that yields the purest form of release. Headlining is PR friend Kiernan Laveaux, an internationally adored aritst whose dynamic sets feel both profoundly personal but collectively infectious. A bastion of the new midwestern sound, levitating next to the likes of Eris Drew, Laveaux is a conduit of positive energy via semi-chaotic sets that skip across bouncing beats, spacey synths, and rumbling echoes. The room will be euphoric, your bodies will be free and souls elevated.