PR is thrilled to welcome Berlin’s musical polymath Perera Elsewhere for her much-awaited return to the US on Feb 17 in the Sound Room. Serving up rhythmic dexterity and an expansive sonic warmth that will heat up the coldest of winter months, few artists embody the shapeshifting yet rooted approach to music more than Perera Elsewhere. Since her last US appearance at Boiler Room in 2018 alongside favorite genre-benders like Precolumbian, her live shows & DJ sets have taken her from London’s vibrant club scene to Berlin’s bass experimentalist underground (HÖR/Berghain), Sonar Barcelona, the Guggenheim, the Hamburg Philharmonic, Mutek, and the creation of scores for Ava Du Vernay’s ‘Queen Sugar’, Oscar winning director Paolo Sorrentino, and production for icons like Nina Hagen. Her latest album, HOME (2022), offers reflections on leaving/coming/staying through sci-fi vocals and bass-heavy trip hop. Today we hear more versions of Perera Elsewhere than ever before, “I am many, within one body and one life…. with remnants of our ancestors within us, we all somehow navigate through the now”. Opening the night is PR resident and curator Boo Lean, also known for her sonic twists, turns, and explorations into playful corners of bass, dub, and polyrhythmic vibes. Come ride the waves with us.