Kicking the night off is the DJ/producer Simisea (Brandon Sánchez), co-founder of Human Pitch, SLINK collective member, Big Room Boogie parties co-host, and Lot Radio resident. Originally from Miami, Sánchez fuses the sounds of his cities in intoxicatingly twisted sets that effortlessly slink (*wink) across bouncing dembow riddims, juicy Miami basslines, textural techno shapes, slithery club synths and all the in betweens. Turning the bead of sweat rolling down your back into a full on body melt are headliners, the Parisian duo of Siu Mata & Amor Satyr. Responsible for injecting the sounds of the Latin underground into the City of Lights’ club scene, they are more importantly the radical patrons of the speed dembow. A hybridized genre, speed dembow is a brain-jiggling emulsion of Latin bass, reggaeton, trap and techno sounds mixed at white-kunckle speeds. Innovators and daredevilers, these guys are vital elements of new club sounds and they’re ready to shake the Sound Room down. Pack an extra shirt and check your coat at the door.

Tickets  $20 on DICE