Núria Graham:

The half-Irish half-Catalan composer Núria Graham published her debut album “First Tracks” in 2013 when she was 16 years old. In just over two years, she released “Bird Eyes” + “In The Cave” (EP) and almost next her second feature “Does It Ring a Bell?” (2017), an album that positioned her on the national scene as an essential artist to understand homemade folk-pop. But during these last two years Núria has had no rest. After a tour that took her to the stages of the most relevant festivals and venues in the country with incursions into Portugal, Berlin, France and London; Núria Graham published “Marjorie” (2020), an exquisite album that she presented at Sala Apolo (Barcelona) with sold-out. A magical journey through ten songs that captured the attention of national and international audiences and press (BBC, Atwood Magazine, etc). Now she continues with “At Last” (2021), a two-songs single that acts as a hinge between “Marjorie” and new sonic stage. It will culminate with a new album.

June McDoom:

Growing up in South Florida in a Jamaican household, June McDoom was raised around reggae music, which echoed throughout every room of her childhood home. Later, she discovered and nourished her own deep love for folk music and songwriting of the 1960’s and 70’s. While studying in NYC for a degree in Jazz Performance, her musical palette expanded to include the more intricate influences of jazz and early soul. Realizing that her favorite vintage folk music lacked artists with similar identities as her own, it became increasingly important for McDoom to carve a unique musical space — to push folk music towards a new and different audience.