Capping off the unique sonic and social connections she’s linked between artists across different continents, Boo brings it home for a self-proclaimed east coast swamp rave. Two real ones from queer southern scenes, Atlanta’s NSA & Durham’s boxofbox, join Boo on a triple threat B3B to bring heat and humor to the dancefloor.
NSA (Cameron Allen) is a multidisciplinary artist known for his production, DJ and art work. The swampy marshland of his youth set a clear narrative for an eerie sound and unconventional force, laced with latin dance, ghettotech, and electro-house. Since his first breakthrough release praised by Pitchfork at the age of 19, NSA has spun for queer spearheads such as Deep South and Honcho, co-founded the Hz Like Hell brand and Stroke parties, and is a driving force of the Atlanta underground with his infamous after parties.
boxofbox is an artist/scientist/engineer working on bioelectrical systems and the fundamental physics of rump-shaking. A long-time giver to the US underground rave scene as a dancer and afterparty DJ (and walking encyclopedia of dance music), they are known for their genre-slippy, psychedelic, qu-ear’d sonics, and a passion for longish sets. They can frequently be found in the form of a tender and weird light in chatty internet corners or as a sweat-drenched, grinning pumpkin, smack dab in the middle of the closest dancefloor.
Boo Lean ties it all together with her signature drum freak sound, and some extra bass for good measure. A trusted ear in more ways than one, we’re here for the ride she’ll serve up.