Warming up the night is a B2B of Brooklyn mainstays Amelia Holt and Yumi – the names behind the In Your Dirty Ears residency at Public Records. An early bond formed over a rabid consumption of dance music of all forms from all ages, informing their collective (and solo) style that fearlessly leaps across BPMs and from thicc booty-bumping bass and jagged breaks to sultry tones and dreamy cuts and whatever else they feel in between. Slinking in to headline the night is MSJY, fellow changeling born from OOST club of north NL. Taking early shapes in residencies with Noorderling, De School, Griessmuehle, and currently Oxi, she shifts to bill without compromising her sound and is unafraid to provoke; her sets are characterized by pace, energy and a balancing of different moods. Though she can be hard to pin down, her DJ sets are rarely off the mark: willing to unwind the norms and push the narrative. Each scene offers a fresh role for her to perform.