Please wait at least 15 minutes after eating before diving into tonight’s sea of belly-rumbling, throat-rattling bass, jungle, and breaks; we’ve got the heavy hitters on the line, all making their debuts in the Sound Room. Opening the night, going B2B, are Brooklyn DJs/producers Doctor Jeep and Taylor Bratches. Similarly aligned in their sonic affinities – dnb, jungle, UK garage, electro and more – these two promise a set that will be as dynamic and chaotic as it is focused and meditative. You’ll move from your soul to your toes. To headline the night we welcome the Dutch-born, DC-based producer, DJ, and 3024 label boss Martyn to the decks. Too drawn to the UK-originated stylings of bass, Martyn injects North American house sounds and techno into his mixing with surprising effect, resulting in playful and heady sets. Having helmed the stage at places like Fabric, Berghain, De School and so many more, we look forward to hearing him in our four walls.