The theme of tonight: body-melting bass and all the devilish ways it may possess you. We’ve invited a trio of legends, three high priestesses of the church of sweatin’ it out on the dance floor, to lead service in the Sound Room. Opening the night, we welcome an underground dance DJ/producer/label head/writer veteran of over 20 years, LA’s Star Eyes. Cutting her teeth on West Coast Raves in her impressionable youth, she has blazed forward ever since, accruing an astonishing catalog of styles and sounds that are seemingly fused into her being and course straight through to the decks. With unhinged ability, she can rip between breakbeat, Jersey Club, jungle, happy hardcore, baile funk, and whatever else she has in her bag, with stomach-dropping speed. Following Star Eyes is her longtime friend, the Miami-born, NYC-based producer/ DJ Jubilee. The rich diet of her youth – Miami bass, freestyle, Dirty South rap and a Floridian rave palette of breaks, electro and drum ‘n’ bass – left her a devotee of the power of percussives, leading her towards styles of the UK underground like grime, garage, dubstep and UK funky. Though the element of bass will always provide the life source of her sets, Jubilee is effortlessly chameleonic, having an unmatchable ability to reflect the size and energy of her environment as she explores the wide expanses of dance-music with infectious glee. Headlining and closing service, is a fixture in Manchester’s deeply rooted underground club scene, the DJ, label head and club impresario Madam X. Like her fellow guests, she too has been rinsing the booming styles of dubstep, grime and UKG, since she was young and tips her hat in reverence to these genres in her personal style of bass-driven techno. Boundlessly driven, Madam X is daring and fiendish in her DJ sets, in her productions, as a label head and as radio host, and radiates enrapturing energy.