Tonight in the Sound Room we welcome two NYC-based members of the Juke Bounce Werk (JBW) Crew, a collective of DJs with a deep affinity for the stylings of footwork, ghetto house, and of course, juke. First up is the Philly-born, LA-raised DJ/producer DJ Swisha, who holds nothing back when he’s behind the deck, bearing no loyalty to one genre only speeding rhythms as he skates through eccentric grooves and skittering percussives. Helming the night is the insanely prolific producer and DJ Kush Jones, who like Swisha, traverses the genres of Chicago footwork, Jersey Club, Jungle, UK Grime and other rhtyhmic underground soundscapes with a playful energy uniquely his own. Prepare for a dancefloor rippling with the kinetic energy of euphoric bodies and vibrating souls with these two in the hot seat.