DC comes in big tonight with three artists who are daring and enthralling advocates for the energetic creative scene of the Capitol City. To open, is DJ Underdog, a graphic design teacher in DC Public Schools, and considered artist, educator, and weaver of sounds, visual art, cultures, and communities. Moving from Panama to DC at the age of 7, Underdog set down strong roots and has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the subculture of his adoptive home. His sets are a palette of all genres and a canvas for the creation of new aesthetics that defy convention and traverse the globe, transport to ancient times, transcend the future, and delve into inter-dimensional depths of consciousness and soul. Coming next will be dreamcastmoe is a singer, songwriter, producer who leans heavily into the deep ridges of R&B, funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop. With an intimate knowledge of the stylings and how they developed in DC, his sets slickly move through twists and turns yet remain stylistically coherent, following the heartbeat of his hometown. And to anchor the night is James Bangura, co-founder of Black Rave Culture and an artist who speaks as much on community as he does music. Wanting to leave something for the next generation of artists to move forward with whilst also writing their own story, Bangura focuses energy on creating that space and momentum to engender such propulsion and one can hear it reflected in his energetic sets that populate the spaces between jungle, house and techno.