PR Resident, Dee Diggs brings her party, House of Diggs (HoD), to Public Records for this special PRIDE edition for the second year in a row. She has curated another lineup that gives insight into her queer imagination- inviting the illustrious talents of artists who identify as nonbinary, trans, queer, gay, and lesbian to define this celebratory moment for ourselves by showing off how we summon the rainbow (at night). There will be a special performance by The Moon Baby from Philidelphia and an otherworldy art installation by TimnotSimon hailing all the way from the Netherlands to accompany this night of music.

**In the Sound Room
**Dee Diggs’(she/her) is doing her bookend DJ set special once again this PRIDE playing 1 hour to open and 1 hour to close the night just right. She is our every woman: hopping on the mic, being our enigmatic host, and giving us the musical blueprint of the PRIDE-filled world we will build in this club. This is HOUSE OF DIGGS, introducing the alchemy in the rainbow of personalities and Moments Dee has pulled for this night!

In between the boss lady bookend sets, we have DJ Wawa (they/them), a local staple in their own right, taking us to the peak. Wawa has been deep in their bag with many stellar productions coming out in the past year on Hit Factory, the label they co-own with Clay Wilson. With standout performances at Honcho ‘22 under their belt, Greg is bringing us their playground full of riddims and driving us on a journey of their signature deep dreamy beats.

Art Installation: Dee has invited TimnotSimon (he/him), the Art Director of BUTTS, a queer party in Groningen, Netherlands – Fafi is the founder and head DJ of BUTTS!!

Dee played at BUTTS in early April 2023 and was impressed by Tim’s magical balloon and light sculptures! They add such a playful beautiful element to the night. She invited this creative genius to NYC to transform our surroundings and build some delicious visual objects for us to party with as we summon the rainbow (at night) in the Sound Room.

**Host & Performer
**We have The Moon Baby in our presence.

The Moon baby (she/her) is a celestial being, much more than a drag performer, a singer, songwriter, and performance artist. She is a planetary superstar with her own universe. We will hand The Moon Baby the microphone for 30 minutes and allow her to pull you into her hilarious, breathtaking, and ravey orbit.

She will perform some of her original tracks as well as give us classic drag queen lipsynch action. Ya never know what she’ll say when she gets going, lean in and encourage her with some ca$$$h for a real good time honey!

Respect her time!! That goes for all the Queens of the night.

**In the Bar
**Naija Couture (he/him) has been summoned to carry the vibe all night.

Rest assured, you are in good hands. Adonis is a thought-provoking and hilarious voice of reason, activism, and truth on his Instagram and meme page called Biblicallyaccuratebutchqueen. He is also vicious behind some CDJS! Take a peruse through his guest sets on The Lot Radio on Youtube or most notably his Soundcloud, where he archives his own black, witchy, cunty, tastes into single bpm exploratory mixes and recorded live sets. He knows how to braid a vocal into a hard beat and masterfully flips the energy several times in a set. Known to throw in a deep cut or 7, just imagine what is possible during this extended set.

Euphoria is in store with tricks, blends, and spells your ears will enjoy!

**Sunny Cheeba (she/her)

Horticulturalist and DJ extraordinaire!!!

We got this Uptown NYC Goddess from the Bronx in our midst, preceding over an intimate disco-soul-house-groove train in the heavenly loft that is the upstairs at Public Records. Sunny is one of the founders of the beloved, Uptown Vinyl Supreme Collective. If you don’t know them, look them up! She is a dedicated selector whose smooth stylings shine a shimmery new light on the classics she pulls out of her crates. Grown n sexy is a mood, attitude, and tangible rhythm when Sunny Cheeba hits the decks.

Currently, a resident DJ for Rich Medina’s Discotechnique party at House of Yes, Sunny has those recordings on Soundcloud revealing her bubbly, warm, and funky intentions for this night.

Reserve a table and don’t let the soul train leave you behind! U may freak out, but Sunny will keep it CHIC.

Come early and stay late for a night of rapturous dance. We gather to tune in, not tune out, so share space accordingly. Bring a good vibe and extended it on, and you’ll leave inspired!