Ayanna Heaven is a DJ, radio, and event producer living in Brooklyn, NY. She spent her childhood in her native St. Mary, Jamaica in the golden age of Jamaican dancehall of the 1990s, followed by ten years in Atlanta, Georgia at the apex of Southern hip-hop. She moved to New York City in 2010 to pursue studies in ethnomusicology at The New School.

She is the founder of Good Ting, a dancehall party with a focus on sounds from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, with parties thrown across NYC as well as in London, UK. She can be heard monthly on her show “Sounds of Heaven” on The Lot Radio as well as bi-weekly playing soul and funk on WKCR’s long-running “Across 110th Street” program. In July of 2023 she played her first Boiler Room set in NYC and in August of 2023 she made her international festival debut at the Bumbayé Festival in Cali, Colombia.

With sets ranging from roots and rocksteady reggae, to afrobeats, hip-hop, dancehall, and funk, she brings a passion and the cachet of a diverse background to her DJ aesthetic and event curation.


Snips is the founder of Barbershop Records and co founder of Livin’ Proof, a veteran of the UK Hip Hop scene with 25 years experience as one of the cities most prolific club DJs. Snips has held down residencies across the capital consistently as well as Djing for Hip Hops elite including Kanye West, Mos Def & Freddie Gibbs.

Now residing permanently in NYC, Snips is equally as comfortable playing alongside NYC Heavyweights Stretch Armstrong, DJ Spinna and Moma as he was UK staples Norman Jay, Benji B and Shortee Blitz. While maintaining a presence between the two cities Snips regularly travels globally headlining shows in Dubai, Croatia, France, Hong Kong, Ibiza & Sydney to name just a few places.

With 10 years worth of transatlantic production credits across Hip Hop’s underground (Sean Price, Conway, SAS, Skyzoo), 2018 saw Snips emerge as a budding solo artist, releasing a slew of projects on his own label “Barbershop Records” fusing the production styles of Hip Hop, Reggae, House, Soul, Jazz and Funk in the same fashion he’s known for as a DJ.

Snips’ current production and remix credits range from Nu Jazz artist Kamaal Williams to UK rapper Giggs, showcasing his ability to comfortably move between such varying sounds. Snips debut solo single “The Product” featuring Will Stowe was released on Classic/Defected in late 2019 with the follow up “Say It” featuring Pauline Taylor released in early 2021. JONNY GO FIGURE

As multitalented as he is diligently studious, Jonny Go Figure is considered to be a reggae “renaissance man” here in Brooklyn. Born in Coney Island and raised in a pre-gentrified Flatbush during the pinnacle of NYC dancehall culture, Jonny represents a solid link between the past and present stylistically.

Learning to DJ with his father’s records at the age of 4, Jonny’s love affair with music started quite early indeed. That same love eventually manifested through singing, production, and finally audio engineering.

At the age of 14 Jonny learned to put together tracks, and by 2009 he released his first self- produced EP. In 2010, he worked with Grammy Award-winning hip-hop producer 88 Keys.

Around 2013, Jonny became infamous on SoundCloud for creating a widely celebrated mixtape – a tribute to his favorite producer, Henry “Junjo” Lawes. The Junjo “livications” became an annual project, and were much anticipated by reggae fans as the years went by.

In 2014, he started contributing as a “box boy” for NYC’s Deadly Dragon Sound, graduating to the crew’s prime emcee shortly thereafter. Jonny’s style on the mic in a live setting beckons the audience to an earlier time in dancehall, not unlike something you would hear from an 80s “rub-a-dub” session on an old cassette. Yet he still manages to make it sound fresh and “up- to-the-time”, appealing to the current generation of reggae aficionados. It is no surprise then, that he built quite the reputation for himself in various dances all over New York (as well as Canada, Europe,The UK, Australia, & Mexico just to name a few).

While making waves as a selector and emcee (or a “deejay” as it’s known in Jamaica), Jonny still continued his singing and songwriting. 2016 continually proved to be a major year for him, having voiced the independently-released tune “Public Housing” as well as collaborating with Lo Gautier of Bent Back Records on “Life Inna Brooklyn”, a tune from Bent Back’s “Roots and Reality” EP. Jonny continued to work with Lo on a combination with Bobo Saw, entitled “Soldier” – and released the “Crucial Showcase EP” in 2019 which is now revered as a modern day classic & help gain Jonny a cult following. A follow up to “Crucial Showcase” entitled “Crucial Moods” was released in October 2022. While his style is made to seem effortless, Jonny Go Figure’s work ethic is unrivaled. As he continues to progress, Jonny remains humble yet headstrong – as contradictory as that may seem. One thing you can say for sure is that he remains focused, keeping all “bad-mind” business in the peripheral. All he can say is “Forward ever!” Crrrruuuuccccial!


Hailing from the vibrant roots of St Catherine, Jamaica, Gvijin has become a musical force known across every inhabited continent. With an unwavering passion for Dancehall, Reggae, Afrobeats, and Hip Hop, Gvijin’s mixes transcend borders and bring people together in an explosive celebration of life.

From the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean to the bustling cityscapes of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, Gvijin’s beats have reverberated through countless venues and festivals. With a magnetic stage presence and an instinct for reading the crowd, Gvijin crafts an electric atmosphere that leaves audiences craving more.

With an impressive resume that includes performances alongside legendary artists and collaborations with emerging talents, Gvijin’s dedication to promoting authentic sounds and supporting fellow artists is a testament to his love for the craft.