This fall Public Records presents a three part series, FOLKSTORM, inspired by co-partner and Program Director, Francis Harris’ off-kilter PRTV – PRs pandemic-time video programming – show by the same name. The series explores the edges of the folk genre, reinterpreting the sound for a generation not so easily lured by definitions but attuned more directly to the counter cultural spirit the movement has invoked for decades.
For our second installment we are joined by two artists who operate in the more introspective, somewhat mystical realm of the genre. Opening the evening is folklorist, researcher and performer Derek Piotr, whose work focuses primarily on the human voice. Covering the practices of fieldwork, vocal performance, preservation and autoethnography, Piotr is concerned with tenderness, fragility, beauty and brutality which bleeds through his productions with heartfelt ardor. His work has been supported by the North Carolina Folklife Institute, The Traditional Song Forum and The Danbury Cultural Commission, and has featured on UK folk label Death is Not the End, as well as the BBC. Headlining our night is Seattle-based musician Jesy Fortino aka Tiny Vipers, who’s coming out of a musical hiatus, during which she studied to become an engineer. On her last album, Life on Earth, released in 2017 on the legendary SubPop, Fortino transcended the folk tag. Incorporating elements from disparate sources, she creates a sound wholly her own and the perfect vessel to carry her poignant, forlorn yet hopeful, lyrics.