We’re going tech house tonight with some legends old and new. Opening tonight’s party is old friend and one of our newly anointed Residents for 2023, deep creep. The Brooklyn-based DJ, who curates the eclectic mix series pi pi pi and holds residency at The Lot, has been setting her mark on the local scene with transcendent sets that dabble chaotic tumbles of broken beats and skewed trance as much as they do euphoric house and banging techno hits. She is well on her way to becoming NYC royalty and the best person for the job of setting the stage for our headliner. In the captain’s seat is someone who has left an indelible mark (and still continues to) on the modern House scene, most notably earning the name as the Godfather of Tech House, Eddie Richards. Properly bringing House to the UK in the 80’s, he gave rise to its popularity and the style he invented with dizzying mixes of deep bass driven techno with soulful & tough house. He carried this sound and style across London, playing its most influential clubs, and set the tone for DJs to come and dance culture enthusiasts to fan over. It’s a journey to the past, present and future tonight with these two.