Given the all-consuming unreality of 2022 thus far, the respite that is Hallowe’en could not have come sooner. By now you may know the fellas here look forward to this day with the giddy anticipation of a couple of schoolgirls—Hallowe’en is New Year’s on the Dope Jams calendar—ecstatic at the prospect of once again tossing aside any semblance of false reality and adorning the mask of absurdity affirmed. Literally all of the store’s energies, hopes, aspirations and exertions are stored in reserve for this one day. On this last honest holiday, we find ourselves discarding moderation, decency, respectability and all fundamental norms of social acceptance and indulging ourselves in the bizarre ritual of dress and play, impulse and consumption, self-deprecation and social degeneration that is Hallowe’en. This yearly rite of passage into the dark months is what keeps Dope Jams going the rest of the year round, precipitating an all out explosion of joyful debauchery that reminds us that the only serious endeavor left in the violent banality of our virtual prison is to shed the psychic costume, put down the iphone and forget about your responsibilities for one measly evening.

As with each year, everything has been put in order well in advance: the club is fully decorated with typical devotion, the treats mixed just right for maximal mental deterioration, and the haunted ghosts conjured to wreak their fiendish havoc for another extravaganza of excess. Dope Jams have scoured the infernal gamut of the dance music spectrum to serve up their spookiest, most spine-tingling salutation to the dark spirits of house music yet. Costumes are strongly encouraged, you will be met with considerable disdain if you dare set your foot on sacred ground without sufficiently daft attire (Rafael’s mermanic-pornstar is a good benchmark). For the rest of you party people—downtrodden, jaded, angry, or just plain indifferent—make the choice: attend another mediocre Halloween bash at your friend’s half-assedly adorned apartment or come to Public Records on October 29, 2022 and join us for our annual Dionysian jubilee!