Raised by Colombian parents in the eccentric, warm, and care-free city of Miami, Dani Murcia is now expanding her artistry in the more sped up city of New York, all of which has helped shape her distinctive soundscape. After losing her father to alcoholism and suicide, Murcia made it her goal to share her stories and innermost dialogues to offer an achingly honest perspective into her journey through grief and loss. With each song, Murcia creates unique worlds through lush harmonies and haunting melodies, in an attempt to stimulate curiosity and open conversation about topics often stigmatized.

Murcia covers these subjects in her last project ‘Breaking Light’, that she co-produced with Koa Ho of Shenzi and released in March of 2019. She’s also released music as part of a women-run collective, Her Songs, that she co-created alongside four other artists from around the world: Marie Dahlstrom, Emily C. Browning, The Naked Eye and Emmavie. Their projects “Los Angeles” and “Toronto” Vol 1 and 2 are available on all streaming platforms.

Murcia continues to explore themes of loss and grief in her debut album, ‘weight of the world’ set to be released March 17, 2023. Koa Ho is a Honolulu-born, Dallas-raised, and Brooklyn-based producer/multi-instrumentalist with a love for the craft of songwriting. The multi-hyphenate list goes on, but what is immediately clear is how the dynamic nature of this upbringing has marked a distinct sight line into the wide array of influences that color his sound. In the endlessly evolving landscape of genre-averse modern music, Koa has carved out an idiosyncratic lane for himself. From moment to moment, you’ll find a diverse sonic collage spanning from jazz to emo to folk and everything that could possibly fit in between. In 2020, he released his first solo mixtape Closed Captions – a concise, intimate collection of songs that put his penchant for delicately layered electronics and soulful vocals on display. His forthcoming project Now That I’m Older, I Don’t Look The Same is a 10-song album encapsulating the diffusion of identity, marked by the passage of time.