From the Bronx is Caleb Giles, the rapper, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, who looks to his home borough for inspiration and drive Reflecting with immediacy on his surroundings, his lyrics tackle the battles of everyday life with deft maturity and powerful vulnerability. Focused, attentive, unapologetic, Giles’ sound reverberates with authenticity. Giles has collaborated closely with Standing on the Corner, Fousheé, and Pink Siifu. Hailing from Queens, is fellow originator AJRadico. Inspired by live jazz bands heard on the streets of Brooklyn of his youth, AJ’s approach to making music is unbridled and free from constrictive rules. Eschewing the popular trends of current rap stars, AJ marries his various sources of inspiration in a fashion that feels familiar, but deeply fresh. He has his sights firmly set on carving out his own seat at the table. Limited tickets will be sold at the door.