In the opening seat is OSSX, the trio of DJ Elise, Lektor Scopes, and EQUISS. Separately, each one of these DJs has proven themselves forces in the booth, their powers combined the display a transfixingly eclectic style of mixing that touches on classic east coast club music cuts, uk hardcore and jungle/dnb, and house and techno.

To headline is Nikki Nair, a DJ and producer who has firmly planted himself as a harbinger of hybridized dance music. Expert in cross-genre blending, he braids acid, electro, breaks and more with dexterous ease, moving in one-two blinks. Sharply tuned to his audience Nair whips and winds through his selections, symbiotically shifting moods and tempos to match the crowd’s heart beat. You won’t know where this night is going until you’re right int he middle of it, and that’s half the fun.