Nico and Shy of Berlin x Cape Town label and party series SWAK, recently released their own wine vintage, a cuvee of Rotgipfler and Grüner Vetliner from the Czech Republic. Natty,  we had to ask them to do a wine pairing of tracks from the SWAK family with bottles we carry in The Restaurant. Dive into their selections below:

Matthiasson ‘Tendu’ [2019]
[Mixed Red, California]
Tasting Notes: Bright, Red fruits, Earthy
This one is super luscious and punchy, like a fresh pomegranate. It’s got a nice intensity, but not too much, just like the mellow build of Bearcat’s “Viva”

Gotsa  [2019]
[Rkatsiteli/Mtsvane/Khikhvi, Asureti, Georgia]
Tasting notes: Rich, Stone Fruits, Floral
“The amber shade is giving sunrise at the beach after the party. It’s a slow build of stone fruit and spices, best served with your bestie by your side and listening to Aryu Jassika – “Park off Lyree”

Bojo do Luar – Brut Pét-Nat Lou 38
[Loureiro, Brut Pet Nat/Vinho Verde, Minho, Portugal]
Tasting notes: Crisp, Citrus, Acidic
These bubbles hit! Suuuuper refreshing and light…you’re gonna need this refreshment when you sweat it out to SHYBOI – “Head Top”

Bojo do Luar ‘Duplo’ [2021]
[Vinho Tinto, Minho, Portugal]

Fresh, Strawberry, TartThe color is cute but it goes in with the big strawberry and cherry vibes and tongue-tickling acidity. It’s sexy and kicking, almost as much as River Moon’s “Digital Thot”

Bichi Mistico [2019]
[Misión/Rosa del Peru/Tempranillo, Tecate, MX]

Tasting notes: Tart, Cherry, Savory
A wild grape blend that kinda keeps your tongue guessing: spicy, leathery, smoky, bright. You’re not sure where it’s going, just like JBS’s Never More sad Than When I’m Finally Happy”, but its a ride we die for.