It’s another all nighter in the Sound Room tonight as we welcome London mainstay, DJ/Producer Joseph Richmond Seaton aka Call Super into the booth. Ahead of the party, Marketing Director Sara Casella and Club Programmer Amelia Holt selected the top five, must-listen mixes from Call Super including a live set from Dekmantel and a show on Beats in Space. Get primed and take a dive into Joseph’s sonic world.

The physical energy that must’ve been Fabric this night is echoed in the dynamically organic ebb and flow of the nrg and tempos in this mix. He read that room and ate it right up. 

An experimental, intergalactic mix of weirdo grooves, dystopic ambient, wayward winds and other oddities from the back of the bin. 

It’s Dekmantel so of course he brought the heat. Wobbly electro, house high on euphoric synth stabs, nose dives into moody techno. A wild ride from A to B, it’s what he does best. 


This b2b with Anz for Crack is blissed out vibes until these two go in. Phew, feel that dancefloor vibration under ya feet. 

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again; mans dynamic as hell and has been since  day one. Techno, garage, ambient, ethereal vocals? Who else can leap so easily from one to the other.