How did this collaboration between the two of you come to be? 

Ron: During the shutdown, I became more familiar with liv’s mixes and was immediately drawn to her selections and phrasing in the mix. Between adoring each other through Soundcloud comments and reposts on social media, it seemed like friendship would be inevitable. Fortunately we clicked beyond the music talk.

Thank you liv 🙂 She provided a guest mix for my monthly Lot Radio show last Summer and the responses were filled with “can’t wait to hear you two mix together sometime!” After producing a couple of day into night low key dance parties with just one other dj, I wanted that concept to graduate into a larger venue but still have that intimate for-those-in-who-know vibe. I knew liv would be perfect for that concept. Wanting to work with liv outside of my Wrecked booking from earlier in the year felt necessary to do sooner than later especially since this time around it would be a b2b rather than individual sets.

Liv: I first learned of Ron’s work through a close friend of mine in Seattle, Sharlese. She was like, you gotta meet this babe!! So I did as a Liv does online and started listening to lots of Ron’s mixes, and of course leaving lots of comments, because his immaculate selections moved me to proclaim publicly how much I loved listening to them! Ron eventually invited me to be a guest on his show on The Lot, The Space Between Spaces. This was before I moved to NYC from Seattle so I sent it in remotely, but it became increasingly clear over the months that we have a special musical kinship. Most recently I played Ron and Ryan Smith’s long running party, Wrecked, in February 2020, which I had read and heard about long before they booked me. I feel blessed to experience the continual blooming of our connection now that we live in the same city, but geography was never gonna stop us!

How would you describe the type of sound we can expect from this all night b2b set?  

Ron: Our shared love of house and techno embraces deep textures, dubby tribal and soulful mechanical sounds with psychedelic vocals and treatments. It is common in both of our mixes to keep these ingredients present therefore I can pretty much say for sure that we will highlight these colorful elements together in new ways for this rare opportunity.  As I told liv via text, they better be ready for our coven treatment.

Liv: Ron and I both have a knack for constructing narratives in our sets. When you listen to either one of us play you can expect anything from an eventual build and slow unfurling of a story or charged up curveballs and left turns.

I’d also say we both have a penchant for sounds that sit within the dubbier world of house and techno, accented with sensual percussion, emotive, sweeping pads, disembodied vocals, and catchy refrains – all of these things will be in abundance on Sunday. We do our best to bring contemporary sounds in conversation with music from the 80s, 90s, and early to mid 2000s and highlight the lineage between eras. Also, I always feel encouraged to lean into the world of sexy bat jams around Ron. 😉

What type of things do you draw inspiration from when preparing?

Ron: Always be 100% aware of what you are playing. Becoming familiar with your music well before the gig gives listeners their trust in you. DJs should always know what the tracks do when the song changes and never just use music because they need more house or techno or whatever at the last minute. This is crucial to me. When I plan to play then that philosophy becomes my inspiration for what to do for the gig. I tend not to listen to other mixes when preparing as I want to sound as unique as possible, bringing fresh energy to experience. Aside from being pure at heart with the music, I like to keep lots of color around my work stations when pulling music whether it is a purple, blue, yellow, or red light bulb lighting the room or I decorate my dj set up at home with colorful scarves hanging around. This collage of color and objects reflects while also representing the different genres and sounds I present at the gigs.

Liv: I unconsciously associate the tracks I play with where I physically was when I downloaded them or recently played them. So I’d say I take a lot of inspiration from my physical environment, and when I play certain songs I feel as if I’m evoking a past iteration of the me who last listened to the song. I’m also very much a sponge and I take inspiration from my peers of all creative disciplines, including those who are DJs. I listen and observe very acutely when I go out dancing, watch streams, or mix for fun with friends and I don’t think a month goes by where I don’t learn a new thing to try when DJing.

Name a current record that you cant stop listening to.  

Ron: Well there are too many to get into really however I am most excited about the Steve Monite ‘Only You’ reissue. Fortunately the label has the digital version out before the vinyl is released later this year.

LivSons of Slough – Live EP. This is a reissue on Perko’s FELT label of a 2001 electro rekkie.

Nightlife and DJ culture is constantly evolving.  What are some of the changes you’ve noticed either positive or negative? 

Ron: I am seeing some clever bookings lately and a few promoters/venues extending their events to longer or even earlier hours which I think is so cool. Not everyone follows the 9-5 work, eat, sleep mentality. More outside the old box of logic helps all ideas grow in the music industry.

Liv: I’m moving away from being a debbie downer so I’ll say I have really appreciated the rise of smaller promoters hosting events in unexpected places.

What can we look forward to from you this summer and the rest of the year ? 

Ron: The first half of 2022 was stacked as I have been trying to land back in the business in real life due to the shutdown leaving most of us djs and promoters without work. Rest and a clear head is also key so I only have a  few more gigs lined up before I take a pretty long break towards the end of the Summer but I will be back in Autumn with some exciting guests and gigs that I hope my following will appreciate.

Liv: This is my last NYC gig for a little over a month as I will be embarking on my first EU/UK tour beginning June 24 – back in New York mid-July for a couple weeks, and then some unannounced dates on the west and east coasts of Canada and the US + a lil midwest date or two to come!