For the next installment of her In Your Dirty Ears residency Amelia Holt invited her friends deep creep and Lis Dalton for their debut performances in the space. We decided to let them take the interview reins and ask each other one question on their minds.

Q for Amelia from deep creep: What musical event are you most looking forward to this summer?

Amelia: Lots of fun stuff is happening this summer in NYC, but I’m mostly excited for the Summer of Love weekender Level Party getaway to Glen Falls at the end of July. The lineup is super cute + yumi, deep creep + myself will be doing a b3b special by the pool – shout out to Andrew Devlin + good room

Q for Lis Dalton from Amelia: What is the soundtrack of your life right now ?

Lis: I’ve been rinsing S’apex’s “Audiodesign” the last few weeks. Absolutely delicious textural drum n bass idm-adjacent album from 1998. Its’s dripping in dub, lil bit evil, def sexy… I feel like you can hear the gears turning in every track. If aliens made contact in a light, evocative way it would sound like this. So yum :p

Q for deep creep from Lis:  We’re taking your 2006 ipod classic, with space for *one* song, putting it in a vault, and shipping it out to space for some aliens or future humans to find one day. What song are you putting on there?

deep creep: Wow, that’s a lot of pressure. I would have to say: deadmau5 & Kaskade “I remember”. My best friend and I used to rinse this track driving around Dallas late at night & it made us feel quite invincible. Still hits : )