Over the course of the Summer, Public Records has host four Sunday events in our Garden to celebrate and amplify the work of Mo Yasin, the Virginia-born Brooklyn-based sound-system designer, DJ and event producer whose practices explore the connection between form and function in audio hardware and design. Working with eclectic collectives that represent the expanse of dance music and culture in New York City, we’ve showcased  the spirit of Yasin’s work and its connectivity to the heartbeat of the city.

For our final installment we’re bringing it home, letting our own Frank & Tony take us out for the season, who are joined by Keith Worthy and Jovonn. The two selected three tracks to get you in the mood and ready to heat up the dancefloor as we bid adieu to the summer months.

Moonchildren “Ran Away: Deep4life”

The classic Chris Gray Chicago sound is in full tilt on Ran Away, a sublime deep roller with vocals by Kory and The Gang that makes you feel like its gonna be alright.

No Pain “It’s gonna be alright”

A one time 1995 collaboration between Cevin Fisher and Cliff Saint-cyr has become an iconic deep jam that has gained somewhat of legendary status amongst house collectors. Its as deep as they come but a driving dance floor mover.

Bass Foundation “Recognition (club rave)”

A quintessential 90s NY house jam, Recognition features keys by Ray Castoldi, capturing a moment in time that cannot be replicated, a pure vision of what house can do to the heart and soul.

Set Times

2:00-3:30: Frank & Tony
3:30-4:30: Keith Worthy
4:30-5:30: Jovonn
5:30-7:00: Frank & Tony
7:00-9:00: Keith + Jovonn

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