On Saturday, September 17th, Dis Fig touches down in The Sound Room, joined by her friends Centennial Gardens [aka King Vision Ultra and Dreamcrusher].  The now Berlin-based has made a name for herself for her fierce risk-taking and provocative stylings of sonic dissonance in both her DJ sets and her productions. Her debut full length, ‘PURGE‘, was a nose-dive into a fever dream of distortion that felt both subaqueous and ethereal, sensually introspective and destructively agnostic. The energy of Dis Fig is chaotic but entrancing and her live sets are a spectacle to behold. We had a quick chat with the artist before her arrival.

The Bug ft. Dis Fig – “You” [Hyperdub]

The last time you played NYC was a Club Night Club party last summer and I believe before that was another DJ set at a pre-pandemic party at Market Hotel. When was the last time you played live in NYC? Or is this your first time?

I haven’t played live here in a minute. The first Dis Fig live show ever was in New York in 2018 before my debut album was even announced. It was small and in a basement – it was intimate and felt very appropriate. I performed once more since then in 2019. Both shows were with Geng aka King Vision Ultra aka 1/2 of Centennial Gardens. So we’re keeping the tradition with this one!

Public Records had booked you to play a live set here previously but was unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. What are you most looking forward to in finally getting to play the Sound Room?

Some have said the sound in the sound room is spectacular, so I’d have to say i’m especially stoked about that.

Dis Fig x Asian Dope Boys – Boiler Room

Your DJ sets are dynamic, high energy and unpredictable, apart from the obvious of set up, what can fans expect from this live set that differs from your DJing?

For those who have seen me DJ before, you can expect similarities in dynamic range and heightened intensity. But you might even suspect two different people performing. My live set is a whole different experience. It’s a violent cry of emotion, a facing of the deep and the dark – it’s a ritualistic purge. It’s not meant to be a spectacle tho, but an invitation to join in cathartic release.

Dis Fig at HÖR for Einhundert 5th Anniversary

You’re close friends with Geng and Luwayne, aka King Vision Ultra and dreamcrusher, who open then night as Centennial Gardens; do you find yourself playing differently when performing alongside friends?

As the performance is so personal, it can also be emotionally dangerous. Sharing the night, the floor, the stage with dear friends helps me feel safe. We help each other feel safe in a way that enables us to further our process and break through.

Any surprises we can look forward to?

I meaaan, would it be a surprise if I told you tho?

And lastly, what track or record is currently on repeat for you?

Plugging Geng in once more, but it ain’t a lie. The latest in his Slowness as the Vehicle series – MELS ONE FOREVER – is a masterpiece. I said it. He reworks 45 minutes of Portishead (my fav) and reimagines their work in a refreshing way – saves me from burning their 3 albums out on repeat.

Other than that, I’m rinsing Julia Reidy’s World in World (microtonal guitar yum) when I’m inside, and DJ Paul & Juicy J Vol. 2 and 3 when I’m outside.

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