What’s on the table? 
Three Weavers IPA for Benoit B
A bottle of Gotsa Conscious Exit Piquette for the table
Poached Pear + Almond Ricotta Toast to start
Magic Myrna Potatoes
Roasted Beet Salad
Vadouvan Roasted Carrots
Another bottle, the SKINS orange wine
Tahini + Hibiscus Cheesecake for dessert

Amelia: First we want to know how all of us connected about the show, but also, I want to know how both of you met. I’m going to pass this little baby recorder to you…

Alien D: I was taking a trip to Berlin and had been following Benoit on Soundcloud for a while. I just messaged him out of the blue. I was like “I’m coming to Berlin. I don’t know anyone here. I really like your music. What are you doing this weekend? We should hang out or something” You could tell he was like “who is this guy?” He sent me a list of parties and I went to a bunch of them and then messaged him like,all right I went to a bunch of those parties, they were all really good. And he was like, alright, we can meet now.

Amelia: Almost like he was testing you!

Alien D: Yeah, I don’t know. It’s funny, I feel like I unlocked you as a friend. And then we got beers at some spot, then we’ve just been in touch ever since.

[Waiter bring Magic Myrna Potatoes to the table]

Alien D: Ooh, potatoes.

Amelia: So this is our favorite dish here at Public Records.

Benoit B: So back to the interview now, I think since the time we had drinks, I played a few times for the party you [Alien D] organized — twice actually. There was this bar with pink lights, Rebecca’s. Another time in this temporary venue. I did a track for one of your comps.

Alien D: It was the third Sweat Equity compilation. I think it was called Extreme Heat. Under your secret alter ego. We won’t say it.

Benoit B: Let’s keep it a mystery.

Amelia: Want these potatoes?

Benoit B: Yes, thank you my dear. So, here we are. And how do you guys know each other?

Amelia: Well, Dan [Alien D] and I met through the party scene. I would go to a lot of Sweat Equity parties. And I think Dan blew me away when I went to his Christmas office party. I was like, okay, we got to work together because it’s just like…This is a lot, and the parties are really good. I mean, that’s how I met Ben Bondy, I went to one of your [Dan’s] loft parties — that’s where I was blown away by Ben. I even fainted! I fainted on the dance floor. He was playing the violin and I just fell on the floor and everyone’s like ‘is she okay?’ … So this is the beet salad, it has some pistachios…. I’m going to go in. Bon appetit.

Alien D: Oh my God, these beets are amazing.

Amelia: So any upcoming releases for you both?

Alien D: I’m finishing up another record that I had to hand off for this label called Fixed Rhythms in Oklahoma City. New record is going to be hot. Sounds like this [gestures to jazz in the background, laughs]. What’s going on with you music wise, man?

Amelia: I saw you released a project under the name Blu:sh under Roza Terenzi’s record label. Are we going to get some of that in the Sound Room?

Benoit B: Yeah so, as you just said, the record is just out this week actually, on Tuesday, both digital and physical. I want to push this danceable and break-y, bass-y, trance-y vibe.

Amelia: And what made you call it Blu:sh? I like it, the energy of the sound matches the name. I want to know the story.

Benoit B: As you just said, the way it sounds was one of the first things I liked the most. It’s kind of sexy and fresh and easy to remember, easy to understand. And I like this emotion, so like when you blush for something, if it’s either, like someone telling you something or situation or words you get pink cheeks. I like these emotions and it’s maybe the emotion you can get while you listen to the music or whatever. So yeah, I’m focused on this release and I just released my first Benoit B LP in February called Kismet on this label called Natural Selection. And there is an alias I have called Terra Utopia, the EP is out on a label from London called Emotional Response. And this is a side project — more like ambient, downtempo, liquid drum n bass

Amelia: Maybe I’ll play Terra Utopia in the opening in the Sound Room. So the last question is what have you been listening to recently, something you can’t stop hearing?

Alien D: Benoit’s Natural Selection record actually. It’s so good, I love it. I love that label already. Oh, you know what I’ve been obsessed with is this Angel Rocket record. It’s unbelievable. It’s on this British label called Accidental Meetings and it’s like, I’ve never heard a record that like every time I listen to it, I’ve listened to the entire thing without clocking that it’s been like four dance tracks and it goes from these, like really weird, like corkscrew, k-hole techno tracks to these slow sludgy sort of like reggaeton influenced ones. One of the tracks has a slide guitar solo on it. It’s unbelievable. The record is fantastic.

Amelia: I want to mention Big Science, the label. Very bass-y but slow stuff. So, what vibes are we getting for our night? I’m expecting some chuggy downtempo.

Alien D: I packed that, I have a lot of that.

Amelia: Because that’s what we’re good at. That’s our vibes. I guess Cleveland is a mystery to us all. Benoit, what can we expect from you?

Benoit B: I think I would try to do a combination of something a little bit bass-y, break-y, a little bit of progressive, a little bit of 4×4, all in a way that you will feel groovy and danceable and exciting.

PR: And a quick debrief on the meal? What did you order, what were your favorites?

Amelia: We had the pear + almond ricotta toast, which was incredible for a starter. And then we went into the potatoes and beet salad, and now we’re making our way to the carrots, which are insane. And then, who knows what’s next? We might do the tacos. Who knows?

Alien D: The wine is incredible and I’m really enjoying these carrots.

Benoit B: I really liked the starter with the pear, one of my favorite foods. Everything I’m having is super nice. I’m not having the wine, I’m having an IPA but it’s super nice as well.

Amelia: Obviously the potatoes are my favorite. I mean, come on. We already know that answer. It’s the best dish on the menu. The wine, I like the Conscious Exit Piquette. Please do not take it away from the menu because that’s the best.