Kansas City label + mix series C Minus took over The Sound Room in April 2022 for their first showcase in New York since 2019. Known for their oft ethereal and experimental genre-blending, the artists of C Minus touch on trance, droning ambient and downtempo house in their eclectic sets; an intimate night of unexpected surprises awaits. PR got to have an exclusive chat with C Minus’ Ryan to get a preview of what Thursday will bring. See you on the dance floor 👀

Tell us about the artists you selected to play this showcase [the first showcase in New York of the label and mix series since 2019!]. 

7038634357, Drumloop, and Evilgiane are 3 of our favorite NY-based producers. Very excited to include them on the bill as we haven’t had the opportunity to see them perform live. Kindtree and Miss Parker are two friends of ours who always make our gigs special.

How has the project of C Minus evolved since its inception in 2017?

Over the years, more platforms and mix serieses have emerged. We’ve tried our best to keep the mix curation somewhat unexpected. We love sharing music from friends, but want to continue to highlight lesser-known artists as well.

What do you feel is the through-line or ethos that connects the artist involved? 

Each artist will be bringing their own form of relaxing music to the table, but it should gel together nicely. Hopefully those who attend the event who are familiar with the mix series will feel that the two listening experiences go hand-in-hand.

What can we look forward to hearing from your parties? 

A playful mixture of dark and euphoric electronic music, most of which will be original (Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Indietronica, Instrumentals & more)