This Thursday, SMP is back hosting their second function with 4AM NYC and FIVE in The Sound Room and For Futures Sake holding it down in The Bar. It’s Disco, it’s Ballroom, it’s House. It’s Acid, it’s Techno, it’s Funk and Soul. The duo sat down for a B2B feature, asking each other one burning question and sharing one track in heavy rotation. Come early, hear the needle hit the first record, and stay til the bitter end and holler for your encore! 

4AM asks FIVE:

What’s it like in the future? (Since you are always an hour ahead of me) Does Kim Kardashian have a collab House record out with aliens from the planet FemmeALong? Tell me everything!

“Hmmm that record sounds like it could be cute? Maybe. In the future I’m probably still playing old house jams on the CDJ8000, which has grown to include features like facial recognition auto-playlists and drone flight elevation to compensate for table height. Maybe some new hot beats from FemmeALong Recordings! It’s hard for me to take it ~to the future~ mentally to be honest, personally I feel like the speculation is always way off.”




Black Science Orchestra – Heavy Gospel Morning

FIVE asks 4AM:

If the world was ending, what would be your dream place to have the most amazing party, anywhere in the world?

My dream place is literally in my dreams. Go with me and imagine that you could actually grant my wish and conjure a dream place from the deepest recesses of my subconscious. I have had vivid dreams about The Sound Room…and of The Saint prompted by old photographs i’ve seen of it… also i have a recurring dream about an enormous glass dome that protects an oasis of flora & fauna that is lush and teeming with fireflies… it’s not a place that exists on earth. It’s a fantasy full of my favorite things, smells, textures, lights & sounds that i have encountered in nightlife & fashion throughout my waking life. It’s private, it’s protected, everything in it is of the highest quality. I had a hand in designing all of it. I worked with experts at the top of their chosen fields to make it all possible. Time stands still and noone can hurt us there.


Erykah Badu – The Healer