We caught up with ALEX ZHANG HUNGTAI ahead of his live show w/ Chris Williams + Greg Fox Saturday.

What sets this duo with Chris apart from your previous solo work and Dirty Beaches? 

Playing improvised music with friends is like mountain climbing. Ensembles, quartets, trios, duos rely heavily on each other. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, our past and baggage we bring to the table but during these expeditions it is imperative to be responsible to ourselves and others as we are tied together by a rope and our movements directly influence each other in a do or die situation. Sometimes we fall and drag others down with us, sometimes we pull people up when they need us, sometimes people need time to venture away alone and need space but eventually would return back to the group.

Solo expeditions are soul searching challenges but routes are limited because you can’t do everything alone. There is no one there to help you, all mistakes and discoveries are yours alone, which is a thing unto itself but these moments of discoveries are always best when shared with friends. And the view!!!!”